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We are excited to announce that the Ultra Cuisine Professional French Rolling Pin has achieved a rank of #1 in Ezvid Wiki of 2017's best rolling pins. Compiled with nineteen hours of research, this video wiki guide is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of rolling pin options available to consumers in the United States. You can view the video wiki at:

INcredible quality in this...Professional 100% Stainless Steel Cooling Rack

I do a lot of cooking And I make everything from scratch due to severe food allergies. I cannot tolerate inferior cooking tools. I just don't have the time or patience for that. I was thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to review Virtuosoul's Professional 100% Stainless Steel Cooling Rack at a reduced price, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. I am very impressed by it's size and quality. This cooling rack is 100% stainless steel. It is elevated about 1/2". And the size is 11.5" x 16.5". This is a solid piece. All the joints are solid. There is no creaking, or imbalance noted with this cooling rack. I love it being solid stainless steel. It is so durable, easy to clean, and easy to store. I can fit a lot of my larger cookies on here. I can even place my 9"x13" cake pan on here to cool. I always elevate my pan after removing it from the oven. It helps it cool faster and evenly. It does fit perfectly in a half sheet pan. It is the perfect way to make bacon, just like their picture shows. All the fat can drain, giving you a healthier, crispier bacon. That's how my family loves it. And with it being solid stainless steel, you don't have to worry about placing your food directly on this rack. I am really impressed with the solid quality in this cooling rack. It is definitely professional grade. I am very comfortable in recommending it. ~Carol S. 

100% Steel Baking Rack....

Love this baking rack.... This is great for cookies, bacon... setting your pots on when you put them in the oven..... It can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water..... You could also put your personal pan pizzas on this and bake them.... This rack is very versatile... You can also cool your baked items on this rack... It fits well into baking pans.... I would recommend this baking rack.... ~Miriam Phillips

Professional baker approved!

These are not just good for cooling baked goods, they are awesome for cooking chicken parts, chicken tenders, broiling fish or steaks. They clean up nicely by hand or in the dishwasher, they have a good weight (not flimsy) and certainly give the appearance of a product that will last. You can find things similar looking items in a dollar discount store but they are not 100% Stainless and oven-safe and will rust almost on sight! These are high quality are just want I needed to replace my old one way wire racks I was so very, very tired of my cookies always falling thorugh the rack slots and looking less than tasty. Not a good way to market cookies. I am so very, very glad to have a proper cooling and baking rack to make my professional items look PROFESSIONAL! ~ Auntie Ane's Attic


I received this product through a promotion to review and provide honest feedback. I was super excited when this arrived in the mail so I immediately ran to the store to buy some cookie dough to bake :) I love that the grid is tight on this rack so the soft cookies don't sink through while cooling. It's big enough for a dozen cookies plus room for more. It's small enough that it doesn't take up too much counter space but you could also put a large cookie sheet, casserole dish or something right on top and it's big enough for the larger item to balance on it. Clean up is super easy, I just tossed it in the dishwasher. Compact enough for storage too. ~ Reviewmomma

Soooooo Happy! I have wanted a cooling rack for years ...

Soooooo Happy! I have wanted a cooling rack for years but never wanted to pay the price so, when I was given the opportunity to get this stainless steel professional cooling rack, I jumped at the chance! Love the small square grid perfect air circulation while cooling your foods and they don't sag through while cooling. It's heavy duty and great quality! Great for cookies, breads, cooling pies and cakes! This is something I will be using this cooling rack constantly and consistently with all the cooking I do, thank you so very much for this opportunity to purchase! I am glad I was given the opportunity to receive these at a free or discounted price in return for my 100% honest and unbiased review! ~ Jeffery Watz

I've used it for bacon and for chicken so far and it's worked great and been very easy to clean

I received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

So far i'm loving this cooling rack. I've used it for bacon and for chicken so far and it's worked great and been very easy to clean. I like how durable it is made and the fact it fits nicely over my other pans to catch the drippings. Would highly recommend for the kitchen! ~ Jenny

The Best!

I am so happy I bought this. It is so much better than the small racks I've had over the years. This is a very sturdy rack that will work for placing full cookie sheets, pans or individual baked items on it to cool. The grid pattern is small, giving a much sturdier support. Any cookies or baked item that are soft or delicate will have stronger support rather than large gaps which allow them to sink down and break in pieces. The grid will also be excellent for a baker that wants to drizzle glaze over a dessert or breakfast confection. I highly recommend this to any one who bakes. It will make a great gift for a bridal shower or housewarming. I do love it! Great shipping protection to as it was packed in a large box. I got this product for free or at a reduced price in exchange for my opinion. This is my opinion. ~irishrjf "RF"

Cooling Rack

I am always looking to try new things and so I came across this...first off the shipping was fast of course with prime.. .this product help to make cooking easier..I used when making candy, jello shots, cake accessories, is dishwasher safe but better when hand washed...this item is a must have in the kitchen...I would recommend this product, its safer and because its a soft material and not heavy.

I received this product for quality testing in exchange for my honest, 100% opinion and review - whether it be good or bad. My opinions are my own and I was not paid or compensated in any other ways ~ Jay

Professional Heavy Duty Cooling Rack by UltraCuisine, Wonderful Kitchen Tool!!!

This is a quality commercial grade rack. It is great for multipurpose uses. I am really glad to have this, I have a couple of full sheet pans that I had nothing big enough to set them on for cooling. I really like this rack for cooling cookies and foods that need that circulation

to stop baking. It is a grid style and made of 100% stainless steel. This is a heavy duty rack a lot like I use to use in my restaurant. I baked and cooled a lot of cookies and foods in my day and this is exactly the kind of rack I would use. I received my rack with a special promotional discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. ~ Sparjenn

Quality product, worth having

I was impressed by the construction; this is no cheap, lightweight cooling rack. I have used several other racks over the years, which have turned out to be junk, but this thing has got some weight to it and is well made. The welds are solid; I tried to pop the ends loose and none of them budged. The ends of each grid wire are also ground down so that there aren't sharp edges sticking up.

It performs as it should. I was able to bake on it and use it as a trivet; I haven't actually used it as a cooling rack yet.
Reasonable price, solid construction. I may buy another one, at retail price.

This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. ~ G.D. Johnson

This is definitely a professional quality cooling rack that belongs in every kitchen.

I completely love this cooling rack! I have never had one this big before, so when I say it is life changing, I mean it! It literally takes the place of TWO of my cooling racks!

The day this cooling rack came in the mail my husband was expecting something so he opened the box before I came home from work. It obviously was not what he was expecting...but was he disappointed? Nope! Why? Because he knew it meant he was going to be the beneficiary of some delicious baked goodies when I did my review! It was so cute I did not have the heart to deny him some fresh home baked cookies?

First for the technical specs. As noted in the description, the cooling rack constructed with 100% 18/8 gauge welded stainless steel, ensuring it will not corrode, rust, or warp over time. This is important to me because nothing is worse than a cooling rack that rusts or warps (both make your cooling rack look like it or they have seen better days and need to be replaced in my opinion!). The r corrosion resistance that will not rust or warp under high heat temperatures.The cooling rack sits approximately 1/2" above the counter and measures 11.5" x 16.5". In the pictures below sits my 9" x 13" Rachael Ray Lasagna Lover Rectangular Baking Pan. If anybody reading this owns one (or any of her stoneware line) knows these pieces are very heavy! There is not a doubt in my mind that this cooling rack will hold up admirably when loaded down with my next lasagna, as this cooling rack has such a solid feel to it.

So, I set about putting the cooling rack to the test and baked a batch of my husbands favorite cookies. According to the manufacturer, the tight cross wire grid and raised design allows for proper air circulation so whatever you are cooling (cookies, breads, etc.) will not end up being burned or soggy after cooling. I was able to fit so many more cookies on here! I was not limited to one doinky sheet of cookies at a time now, which lessened the time I spent cooking overall! A true win if you ask me! Less time baking cookies, more time eating cookies....who wouldn't love that??? Another possible use for the cooling sheet is in the oven on a baking sheet with meat, allowing the meat to cook without sitting in the fat that drips off as it cooks, resulting in a healthier piece of meat that has not been cooking in any excess fat.

Additionally, after I was done baking found the cooling rack easy to clean~by way of throwing it in the dishwasher! all kidding aside, the cooling rack has no artificial non-stick coating or plating that can flake or wear off with repeated use, another important feature.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a cake to go bake...I need to go see how this cooling rack does with cooling that...yeah, that's right! That's why I need to bake a cake, to rest out the cooling rack! It has nothing to do with the sweet tooth I have developed thinking about all of the baked goods I can use the cooling rack on while writing this review....that would be silly! :)

While I received this cooling rack at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, that fact in no way influenced or affected my review. This cooling rack truly deserves my 5-star rating and I earnestly recommend it to anyone looking for a professional quality cooling rack. ~ RC Ortiz

For cooling or baking!!

I baked two 8 inch rounds and I would normally put them on my old cooling rack to cool. The problem with it is how large the slats are in between. I end up with an uneven can with lines. Well I used this rack and because of the close tight grid pattern it cooled evenly without leaving any marks!! Has built in feet and is stainless steel. I also cooked my oven fried chicken on it and it turned out super crispy because it wasn't sitting in the grease while cooking. Not only crunchier but healthier with less grease left in the chicken. It is very large and can fit 13x18 sheets. Easy to clean just wash in the dishwasher. I absolutely love this rack and would highly recommend it!! I was fortunate enough to purchase this at a discounted rate for an honest review. ~ Christy

Love it!

Soo the fact that this is a baking and cooling rack is awesome 2n1! Means taking up less space in my kitchen and easier clean up on having to use one thing instead of two! This is very quality made and durable you wont be disappointed! I did receive this at a discount for my honest and unbiased review ~Mindy

Tight weave design

I like the tight design so nothing falls through! I will most likely buy another one. This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. ~AS

Sturdy and well made!

Who gets excited about a cooling and baking rack? THIS Guy does!!! As soon as I lifted it out of the box I could feel that it was extremely sturdy!!! So I opened up the cabinet and got my two flimsy and lopsided cooling racks out and threw them away! This definitely makes a great trivet because it is thick and sturdy and holds a hot pot or skillet of food without buckling! (which I love) I know if it's sturdy enough to hold hot pots and pans then it will be sturdy enough to hold cakes and cookies! This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. ~ Ernest Hall "Artist"

I think its great!

Just got this today and it is just as described and pictured! I would highly recommend this if you were debating on different racks. I don't see any flaws or dislikes so far. You can tell it is well made and looks like it will fit all my pans if needed. I can't wait to use it. I'm giving my honest opinion for a discount on this product. ~ cathryn