Why Use a Cooling Rack?


Rapid and Even Cooling

A cooling rack allows air to circulate on all sides of a pan, so that it cools down far more quickly than it otherwise would if placed directly on a countertop or trivet.


No More Over-Baking

Residual heat from your pan can continue to cook your baked goods, and might leave them dry, brittle and overdone. A cooling rack can prevent overbaking, so your cookies, pastries and breads come out great!


Prevent Condensation

Removing baked goods from their pans to cool down individually on wire racks, prevents condensation from the steam released off of hot food. When you use a cooling rack, you can say good-bye to soggy or mushy bottoms on your baked goods.


Lessen Breakage

A tight grid is typically the best format for a cooling rack. It provides even support and prevents thin or delicate baked goods from breaking or falling through the rack.


Bake Chicken/Roast Meats

A good quality 100% stainless steel rack can withstand high oven temperatures and elevates your chicken, fish or roasts for even cooking all around. It also allows excess fat and grease to drip away from your food. Great for breaded dishes too, so the breading on the bottom can get crispy.

Bake Crispy Bacon!

Maybe Rachel Ray invented it, but the UltraCuisine Rack perfects it! The tight grid pattern of the UltraCuisine rack completely supports bacon strips, so they can crisp up perfectly. Enjoy delicious bacon without the grease of frying or splattered fat all over your stovetop.

Need More Reasons?

Ultra Cuisine® Cooling / Baking Racks: 

  • are constructed of heavy-duty 18/8 gauge stainless steel

  • fits standard sheet pans perfectly

  • is oven-safe and can withstand high temperatures without warping

  • has no artificial coating that might flake off into your food

  • has no plating that could wear off making it prone to rust

  • comes with an IRONCLAD 100% Satisfaction Guarantee